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Our Ambition

Our Ambition

  • Pictures by James Pearson-Howes

Why Ilk?

Ilk London is the destination for men’s grooming.
Inspiration, how to videos and hand-picked products.

How you look is an expression of who you are. It’s a statement: This is me. From the moment you get up in the morning and stare blearily into the mirror, you’re making decisions about the things you’re going to say to the world without ever opening your mouth. What sort of man am I? What do I believe in? Who am I going to be today?

It’s true that being a man isn’t what it used to be. Thank goodness. Gone are the traditional straight-jacketed gender roles and all those tedious ‘blokey’ rituals. Rumour has it, this means masculinity is in crisis. We don’t really see it that way. We prefer to think of this as a golden age, when ‘being a man’ gets to mean exactly whatever the hell you want it to mean.

You choose your ilk. We’re here to help.



: sort or kind


Thought-provoking perspectives on what it means to be a modern man. We introduce you to the sort of modern men who live their lives as they want to live them, and then we get inside their heads. They’re clearly onto something and that has to be worth sharing.


Advice and guides for your daily routine. Because every man has a routine, even if it’s a pretty basic one. We show you how to build your routine and make the most of your assets. The hair, the face, the teeth, the body; prepping cleansing, styling and troubleshooting.


The very best products from the most desirable brands. Everything we stock is hand-picked and meticulously reviewed, demystified and explained by a crack team here at Ilk London. We only carry it if it works better than anything else and we like it.

We update the site regularly with things we think you’ll enjoy and find useful, so drop in to see us, follow us on Instagram @ilklondon and generally don’t be a stranger.

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